I'm Convinced This Shoe Trend Will Never Die

low block heels



Think about which styles are sitting on your shoe rack right now. I'd bet any amount of money that your collection involves a heavy supply of classic styles like ankle boots, flat sandals, and white sneakers. Every year, those styles still prove to be more relevant than ever. Well, there's another style that we can now safely say is no longer a "trend" but instead a full-blown mainstay like any of those others. Low block heels began to trickle into stores a few years ago, competing with higher stilettos as the heel silhouette to own.

Fast-forward to today, and they've completely taken over stores and our own closets (try to tell me you don't own at least one pair). I reached out to Katharine Carter, a footwear analyst at Edited, to confirm what I had suspected about the shoes. She informed me that "arrivals of low block heels over the past month have climbed 31% year-on-year, highlighting that retailers are continuing to invest in this trend and it has staying power moving into fall." Clearly, shoppers are favoring the comfort of low block heels over the sky-high stilettos that used to dominate. Carter added that "this compares to stilettos, which have seen an increase of just 9%."

There's never been a better time to own a pair of block heels (or five), so go on to shop the chicest styles of sandals, mules, slingbacks, and pumps.


This pair hits on so many current shoe trends.

Think of an outfit these won't go well with—I'll wait.

Red heels will always be a staple.

Is it just me, or are Ganni's shoes highly underrated?


The ultimate summer-to-fall shoe.

Bella Hadid just wore a very similar pair to these. That's all I'll say.

This pretty pair will make your jeans-and-a-tee outfit way more fun.

Neutrals can be exciting, too. Here's the proof.


Croc accessories are the easiest way to make your outfit look expensive.

Get to know this up-and-coming Korean shoe brand.

These easily look three times their price.


V-cut pumps like this pair are a micro shoe trend we're seeing pop up for fall.

This fun color will get you noticed.

Speaking of shoes, this brand-new shoe drop is under $60 and has so many fall shoe trends. What are you waiting for? Shop it ASAP.

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