The Sporty Trend Is One of My Favorites This Spring—Here's How to Wear It
The Sporty Trend Is One of My Favorites This Spring—Here's How to Wear It

The Sporty Trend Is One of My Favorites This Spring—Here's How to Wear It

Spring trends are bubbling up everywhere right now, from a resurgence of bubblegum pink to miniskirts and cutouts galore. The one I'm clearly most invested in? All things sporty. After spending 2020 stocking up on more loungewear than I care to admit and getting used to being extremely comfortable at all times, this season's athletic touches are a trend I can definitely get behind.

Athleta has long been my go-to for fashionable and functional pieces that allow me to move freely throughout my day. Beyond that, their pieces are versatile enough to pair up with denim and more elevated outfits, too. Natalie Barbu and Sabrina Johnson are two fashion influencers with a real knack for athleisure style, and they're here to share the multiple ways they're weaving the trend into their day-to-day this season. Here's some fresh inspiration for your sporty looks, plus my tips for how to sneak some athletic touches into your more polished outfits this spring.

What's beige, the perfect length, and has a stretchy waistband? These spring-ready shorts Barbu styled with a cropped tank and an extra-cozy-looking hoodie. The fashion influencer mentions that, for spring, she's putting together looks that go beyond just hanging out at home. A look like this one can take her from from an outdoor activity (like a walk around the block with her puppy) to her back-to back meeting schedule. I can see these shorts being styled with something that feels a little dressed-up like a button-down shirt and a pair of sporty heels.

"I work from home and have a pretty flexible schedule," Barbu tells me when I asked about her general day-to-day. "I start my day with a green juice, go on a walk with my puppy, begin working, and then have a workout at night. Every day looks a little different, but I try to keep an active lifestyle, and Trekkie Joggers keep up with my life perfectly." I also have had my eye on Athleta's Trekkie pieces for the breathable fabric and the style versatility.

Sabrina Johnson, who also has her own podcast called Soul Talk, tells me that she loves to "add a hint of color to my neutral outfits." She's accomplished that by combining this minty-green longline bra with the olive-green Joggers. My favorite part of this outfit? Not only is the cropped tank in the perfect shade, but it's the ideal balance of sporty and ballet-inspired. This Trekkie Jogger and sports-bra combination would look chic styled with an oversized blazer. 

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Sabrina Johnson

For days that feel busier than others, we're all in agreement that a pair of sporty and versatile Joggers is the way to go. For Johnson, it's the style and fit of Athleta's Trekkie Joggers that have her hooked. "They’re comfortable yet stylish and can easily be paired with a bright pair of sneakers," she mentions. I can also picture this rich chocolatey-brown outfit paired with a neutral '70s-inspired sneaker if that suits your style.

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