This Drugstore Mascara Started a TikTok Controversy, so I Had to Try It
This Drugstore Mascara Started a TikTok Controversy, so I Had to Try It

This Drugstore Mascara Started a TikTok Controversy, so I Had to Try It

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The majority of our Deep Reviews will feature our editors' honest, ultra-hot takes on entire product categories or multiple products from a particular beauty brand, but every so often, we'll sprinkle in a special single-product format called Honestly, I Love It. As the name suggests, these reviews will hone in on one standout beauty formula our editors quite literally can't shut up about. This time around, I'm highlighting L'Oréal Telescopic Lash Lift Mascara ($15).

A lot of products go viral on TikTok, but as someone who spends a little too much time on the internet, I haven't seen a mascara cause as much frenzy as L'Oréal Teloscopic Lash Lift has. For scale, the hashtag #TelescopicLift currently boasts 348.4 million views and counting on the video app. After an influencer was accused of wearing false eyelashes in advertisement for the product, many took to social media to give the product a true test. And despite the initial controversy, most of the reviews were full of high-sung praises. Even as an editor, I was intrigued. One trip to the drugstore later, I was ready to give this "revolutionizing" mascara a shot. 

The Application Process (Plus Some Helpful Tips)

At first, it was a bit tricky to apply the product evenly. But that's when I realized this wand is different than any other wand I've used before. (Do not be like me and forget to read the directions on the box.) The product comes with a double-hook bristle brush, each side offering a different step for the best results. The first step is to use the front hook to lift and load the lashes, which adds volume and length. Following the first step, I noticed a natural curl that I would only get from the use of an eyelash curler. Second, I carefully brushed my lashes with the side-hook comb to separate the lashes and avoid any clumps.

Since the two-step method on this product makes the process quick and efficient, there isn't a need for many coats like there is with other mascaras. Despite having naturally long lashes, I'm always building up multiple layers to get the dramatic effect I want. With this one, only one coat is needed for full-looking lashes. I know the phrase "less is more" is a bit cliché, but it's the motto for this product. Applying additional layers can cause the mascara to get clumpy, so the best results will be with minimal product. (This means less time in my makeup routine, which is a winning situation.)

L'Oréal set out to make your makeup routine more seamless, and this product surpasses that goal. If you're looking for a mascara that requires minimal application but still creates a dramatic look, this is the one for you.

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