Everyone Should See This Unretouched Lingerie Campaign

Every day, we’re presented with different ideas and perceptions of what beauty is. It unfortunately often comes in the form of unrealistic campaign images that have been manufactured to impossible perfection, leaving us feeling, well—imperfect. But not today! New Zealand–based lingerie brand Lonely has come to the realistic rescue by way of its F/W 16 campaign featuring nine female powerhouses that haven’t been grazed over with a Photoshop tool in the slightest.

“Our campaign serves to celebrate individuality,” Lonely’s designer and founder said in a press release. “Through intimate portraits of nine inspiring women, we celebrate our differences, our different ages, our different bodies, our different stories [and] the differences that make us who we are.”

The group is comprised of a variety of backgrounds, including Petra Collins’s sister Anna Collins, transgender model Aurel Haize Odogbo, sex-and-relationship columnist Karley Sciortino and even the photographer’s mother.

“I just want women to accept who they are and appreciate what they bring to this world and very importantly be proud of what they look like—any size or skin color,” Zara Mirkin added, who styled the shoot.

See below for all nine portraits, and then be sure to head over to shop the beyond beautiful collection over at Lonely.