The Very Best Body Oils That Will Leave Your Skin So Dang Glowy

If you were to ask me a few years ago if I wanted any skincare oils in my beauty routine, I would say absolutely not. That's because I automatically equated oils with a slimy, greasy, and uncomfortable mess. I didn't want my skin to appear oily, thank you very much.

But I've come around to skincare oils in the past year after learning from experts that some of them actually don't make your skin more oily. In fact, certain ones can nourish, strengthen, and protect the skin, in addition to keeping it hydrated.

17 Lightweight Body Oils That Will Leave Your Skin So Glowy



For me, when I tried face and body oils for the first time, I was amazed at how quickly they absorbed into my skin, which meant that I felt the effects pretty quickly, too. My skin instantly felt softer, smoother, and it had a nice dewy, glow to it. What more can you ask for with results like that?

While I still turn to my moisturizers and lotions more, whenever I want to give my face and body a little more radiance, I use an oil. This is especially true in the summer months with body oils, as I'm showing more skin and I want my skin to look good and glowy.

Take a look at some great body oil options below. And the added bonus is that these are all lightweight, so it really will feel like you aren't wearing any product.

I've been reaching for this body oil a lot lately. It's fast-absorbing and so lightweight. My skin always feels so smooth after I apply it. The formula contains omegas 6,7, and 9, plus vitamins C and E and minerals.

The main ingredient in this product is sesame oil, which moisturizes dry skin and goes on so smoothly.

The great thing about Mutha's body oil is it has a 100% botanical formula. It contains rosehip oil to minimize the appearance of stretch marks; grape-seed oil to reduce the appearance of fine lines and improve elasticity; and apricot oil to make the skin increase suppleness.

Made with 100% virgin coconut oil, SheaMoisture's body oil is fast-absorbing and gives the skin a natural glow. You can use it as a bath or shower oil, too.

Infused with cannabis seed oil, this product really targets inflammation while drawing in moisture. The formula also includes antioxidant-rich sea buckthorn oil to restore the skin's moisture barrier.

Versed's body oil is non-sticky and non-greasy, so it really feels like second skin because it absorbs quickly. It's a blend of coconut oil, sweet almond oil, ylang-ylang essential oil, calendula flower extract, and vitamin E.

This might be the hardest working oil on the list. Not only does it lock in moisture, but it also improves the appearance of scars, stretch marks, and uneven skin tone.

You can use this oil all over—from your hair to face to body. It's a combination of hyddrating thermal spring water and nourishing plant-based oils like shea, camelina, and safflower.

For an anti-aging treatment, take a look at this body oil. It's enriched with antioxidants and vitamins to nourish and soften the skin so it's absolutely glowing. Ingredients include evening primrose oil, camellia oil, and a complex of 11 vitamins, 18 nutrients, and six minerals.

Augustinus Bader's body oil leaves the skin so glowy and supple, but it has added benefits, too. It also targets the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks. The formula contains a complex of amino acids, vitamins, and synthesized molecules, plus olive oil, argan oil, squalene, and vitamin E.

The star ingredient in this oil is undaria algae, which is soaked in botanical oils for two months to distill the vitamins, nutrients, and minerals. It's blended with acai, babassu, and passion fruit oils. It will hydrate and firm the skin, while also reducing the appearance of stretch marks.

For subtle shimmer, you'll want to go with this pearlescent body oil. Stabilized vitamin C, vitamin E, magnolia bark extract, olive oil, and squalane, moisturizes and protects the skin as well. It comes in three different finishes rosé, champagne, and bronze.

With over 50% almond oil, this body product is rich in omega 6, which helps firm and moisturize the skin. It's formulated to hydrate the skin for up to 48 hours, so it has staying power.

This coconut oil will transport you to a tropical vacation. Oh, and it will rid the skin of any dryness, too.

This body oil has so much to offer—it's smoothing, smells so good, and leaves a shimmery glow. The scent has warm and spicy notes of bergamot, cardmom, pistachio, ylang-ylang, and coco de mer accord.

Rahua's body oil is a fine mist that's enriched with guayusa to defend the skin; rahua to nurture and strengthen; and quinoa to promote healing and moisture retention.

This concentrated formula is a blend of jojoba, buriti, and organic coconut oils. It's good for all skin types, including dry, mature, and sensitive skin.

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