7 Important Life Lessons I've Learned Working in Fashion

To many outsiders, working in the world of fashion seems like a career focused on little more than designer clothes, fabulous parties, and surviving on coffee and low-calorie lunches. And while, admittedly, all those aspects can play a role in a successful fashion career, I have uncovered more about life in the years I’ve worked in this industry than I ever expected I would.

As with any career, if treated properly, working in the fashion industry has given me ample opportunity to learn some serious life lessons along the way. I’ve had the opportunity to rub elbows with some of the world’s most famous celebrities and talented designers, I’ve sat front row at New York Fashion Week, and, yes, I’ve been to my fair share of fabulous parties along the way. But the real takeaways from my relatively modest time in the glitzy world of fashion are significantly deeper and more valuable than all the famous faces, never-ending soirees, and bottomless champagne glasses.

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