How to Upgrade Your Skinny Jeans–and-Boots Outfit

Sure, we’re fond of forward silhouettes, wild patterns, and seriously out-there shoe styles, but there’s one easy yet stylish outfit combo we return to time and time again when we need a bit of a sartorial breather. We’re talking, of course, about skinny jeans and lace-up boots, a versatile formula that never seems to go out of style. In search of a new ways to style them for fall, we turned to Shannae Smith of TorontoShay, a fellow skinny jeans–and-boots aficionado. Today she’s showing us how easy it is to update the look via a few easy add-ons—see exactly what we mean here.

With a Statement Jacket

This fall, taller boots are back on the menu, and Shay couldn’t be happier about it. What would we do with these boots? The same thing Smith did: Pull on a statement jacket. “I’m Canadian, so for obvious reasons, I love a Canadian tuxedo,” she explains. “I styled my Joan Wedge Tall SOREL boots with a statement-making jacket and a pair of distressed skinnies.”

With Of-the-Moment Accessories

We don’t think we need to tell you this, but we will anyway: Animal print is the hit of the season and works perfectly with these boots. Smith tells us she’s particularly into snake prints at the moment, and we love the way she worked the look into her outfit by way of a sleek belt bag (another must-have item for fall). Other hot pieces you might consider testing out with your go-to skinnies and boots? We’re thinking prairie-style tops or a neon pajama-style blouse.