This High-Street Brand Just Created My Dream Summer 2020 Wardrobe


(Image credit: Image Courtesy of Kitri)

High-street label Kitri has a habit of knowing the clothes we want to wear, and its new collection is pretty much my dream summer wardrobe. When a preview email landed in my inbox, I instantly imagined myself in every outfit. The daisy-print minidresses, pink short-sleeved shirts and throw-on gingham midis are perfect for a summer of socially distant picnics and hot-weather walks.

It's no accident that these pieces appeal to my current lifestyle. The Kitri team reimagined the summer collection to be a capsule for staycation activities. "Rather than building a holiday capsule wardrobe, our focus is on feeling comfortable at home, while also evoking summer and making ourselves feel special during a trying time," the brand said.


(Image credit: Image Courtesy of Kitri)

Kitri's business model for the collection is just as clever as the designs, as it has launched with a made-to-order system in order to reduce clothing waste and eliminate the risk of overproducing and being left with deadstock. Customers are able to preorder items, which gives the team insight into the demand and how many to produce, and they can then reduce potential waste from overordering.

Kitri explains: "Ultimately, we want to take the lead from our customers, and produce styles that they want to buy, rather than anticipating demand ourselves which can often result in excess stock. Excess stock = potential waste, something that we are passionate about reducing as a responsible fashion retailer." All preordered styles will be honoured and produced, and you still have the option to return anything you preordered.

This is a model that Kitri is going to stick to going forward: "Depending on the individual style and the production complexities, delivery timing could take anywhere between three to eight weeks. As we learn and refine this process, we hope to reduce the overall lead time. Going forward collections will be launched slightly ahead of season to allow time for waiting list and pre-order within season."


(Image credit: Image Courtesy of Kitri)

Influencer Jessie Bush modelled the collection from her East London home below. So keep scrolling to see (and perhaps preorder) Kitri's summer collection. 

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Emma Spedding