Our Publisher Never Does "Casual Fridays"—Here's What She Wears Instead

Alison Rice wearing Kacey Devlin


James Evans for Kacey Devlin

Dressing for a full-time office job is never easy. Anyone can come up with one chic outfit, maybe even two, but five all in a row? It's a tough ask to look polished in the office everyday, so by Friday most of us are looking to our jeans and sneakers to get us through another work day. But our group publisher Alison Rice doesn't believe in casual Fridays—and she has a simple outfit formula up her sleeve for making Friday dressing easy-peasy. 

In an interview with Australian designer Kacey Devlin for the launch of KD Girls, Rice discussed the style rules she lives by when it comes to office dressing. Her go-to work outfits are all minimal with a luxe touch, while for events she relies on a wrap top and tailored pants, but it's her Friday look we really love. Read on, as Rice shares the simple outfit formula she turns to at the end of the week, when nothing else seems to work, then head to KD Girls for the full interview.


James Evans for Kacey Devlin

What do you wear to the office to feel powerful?

For me to sit in power energy, I need to feel like myself. That usually means no patterns and basic colours, but I always like a tiny element of bourgeois. Like a gold accent, belt, interesting buttons or silhouette, or an amazing shoe. I’ve found those tiny details can lead to the most interesting conversations.

What about casual Fridays?

I’m rarely casual because I like to “dress”, but I’ll do cropped jeans, a silk blouse and a classic heel. Perfect for work and rolls well into margaritas at Mamasan in Bondi.

For an event?

I’ll usually wear tailored black pants, heels, an interesting top and earrings or a necklace. I have to tell you and I’m not just saying this, but my gold KD wrap top is such a treasured piece. I feel like a movie star when I wear it, and other women have literally stopped me in the street.

To read more about Rice, including her morning routine and what inspires her, head to Kacey Devlin

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