Jo Malone Just Launched a Skincare Line, and I Have Some Very Honest Thoughts

I'm not sure I have ever had lower expectations for a skincare launch than I did when I initially heard that Jo Malone London was launching its first skincare range. I don't want this to come across rude—I had my reasons. Let me first of all say that I love Jo Malone London. I think the brand's scents are up there with the most beautiful ever created, the candles are easily some of the best I own, and I actually really rate the bodycare (particularly the body scrub). It's just that, to me, a fragrance house venturing into the world of skincare just doesn't go. Jo Malone London products are iconic because of their strong scents, and skincare that possess a strong scent is notoriously difficult to get right. It's not that I don't like fragranced skincare, mind you—I love unwinding at the end of the day with a good spa-like skincare routine. It's more that in order to get fragranced skincare right, in my opinion, it has to be gentle enough that it's still easy and fuss-free to use, and that's tricky.

So yes, I was dubious. Then, I discovered that the iconic British name was partnering with skincare brand Rodin Olio Lusso to create the products, and that stressed me out even more. I want to highlight here that I have never had anything against Rodin Olio Lusso as a brand—I have always loved Linda Rodin and loved Rodin Olio Lusso products until the brand stopped trading last year. My issues were with the fact that Rodin Olio Lusso has always specialised in oil—and fragranced face oil is not something I think the skincare industry needs more of.


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Oils remain a controversial topic among skin experts. While some (mostly facialists) wax lyrical about the way they lock moisture into the skin and help people find joy in their routines, others (mostly dermatologists) consider them an expensive waste of time that only risk clogging pores and exacerbating acne. As someone with naturally oily skin, I sit with the latter camp. And despite the fact I don't typically endorse face oils (and products that contain a lot of oils), I don't hate them either. My initial reservations about a Jo Malone London and Rodin Olio Russo collaboration were more about what these two brands were going to create when they put their two main areas of expertise together: a highly fragranced range of face oils. Something that screams out irritation.

Having said this, I was still wanting to give it a go. Why, I hear you ask? Because of that old saying, don't knock it till you've tried it. As a journalist who specialises in beauty, it is in my nature to be naturally inquisitive about new launches. After all, I've never met a Jo Malone London product I don't like. So, somewhat reluctantly, I opened up the box containing the new, limited-edition collection.


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The collection is made up of five products: a cleanser, a face cream, a face oil, a hand-and-body cream and a body oil—oil-heavy, as expected. Upon opening up my box, the first thing I was struck by was the outer packaging. Considering both brands sit in the luxury sector and champion a high-end aesthetic, I must admit I was a little let down by the boxes. As far as I'm concerned, outer packaging is a waste of time and bad for the environment, but brands and retailers put the need for it down to protecting the product from damage. Only, the boxes these products come housed in are flimsy. In fact, mine had already come undone on their way over in the post. Besides the lack of sturdiness of the boxes, though, I must admit that the packaging design of the products themselves is chic as hell—again, as expected. In a minimalistic black-and-white design, these products look expensive and will make an aesthetically pleasing addition to any bathroom shelf.

Speaking of expense, let's address the price. Good grief, these are expensive products. It's no secret that Jo Malone London is a luxury brand, with the iconic fragrances going for over £100, but the price of these skincare products did take me back a little. With a cleanser coming in at £50, this is akin to Augustinus Bader prices, a skincare brand that contains a plethora of highly technical and clinical ingredients—something that these Jo Malone London x Rodin Olio Lusso products do not contain anywhere near the same level of. Having said that, I totally understand the appeal of treating yourself to a super-luxurious skincare product that makes you feel special when you're using it. I'm not saying anyone needs these products, but if you want them, they're certainly a treat.

So, with all of this in mind, here's my honest and full review of each product within the Jo Malone London x Rodin Olio Lussio limited-edition skincare collection.

1. Jasmine & Neroli Luxury Oil Gel Cleanser

2. Luxury Face Cream

3. Jasmine & Neroli Luxury Face Oil

4. Jasmine & Neroli Luxury Hand & Body Cream

5. Jasmine & Neroli Luxury Body Oil

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