This Is What You Should Buy From the Jean Paul Gaultier for Target Collection

Have you ever owned a piece of fashion history? As in, something that takes you directly back to a point in time and a place. For me, it’s an Alexander Wang sweater dress from S/S 09. Every time I look at it or wear it, I remember exactly what point I was in at life (and if you’re feeling curious, it’s this sweater dress, and I was engrossed in university studies and worked through about three pay cheques so I could buy it). The Jean Paul Gaultier for Target collection, will have the same effect.

Jean Paul Gaultier for Target launches in stores today, and if past collaborations are anything to go by, you can bet it won’t hang around for long. JPG is known for his feminine and sexy designs (along with working closely with Lady Gaga and Madonna), and his collections often featuring corsetry, leather, and denim. This range, is no difference. SO you can literally walk away today, and feel like you’ve just stepped into one of Madonna’s stage outfits. Not bad.

Keep scrolling to shop our tight edit of the collection, and inject a bit of rock'n'roll into your wardrobe.

What will you be buying from the collection? Let us know in the comments below!

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