How To Master The Flat Lay Instagram

Perfectly folded clothes, flawless flowers, and sparkly accessories—sounds like your typical Instagram photo, right? Well it can be! We reached out to four fashion bloggers—all flat lay posting pros to teach us their tricks! 

Scroll through to learn secrets sure to step up your Instagram game! 


Sara Escudero of Collage Vintage
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“Choose two or three main pieces, and complete with little accessories to get a clean picture. Also, keep harmony between clothes colors.”

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Kimberly Pesch of Eat Sleep Wear
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“First: It's all about proportion: Balance out larger items with extremely small ones to create some scale in your flat lay.

Second: Create a full look: A fun way to share my #ootd is to create a whole flat lay. Feature your fave pieces of your look and include statement pieces like a great shoe or a pair of shades.

Third: Use a step stool: If I am getting larger items in my phone shot and I want to include everything, I pull out my step stool I usually use to grab things in my closet to take the perfect shot from above.”

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Sophie Elkus of Angel Food Style
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Forget about making the clothes photographed too perfectly—the flat lay should reflect your bedroom floor, not a store display. Fold tops messily, cuff jeans how you would actually wear them, and place shoes in opposite directions.”

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Caitlin Lindquist of A Little Dash Of Darling
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“Use a white or bright background to help show the true colors of your products. If you don't have one, get crafty and make one using white paper (sometimes I'll use the backside of wrapping paper). Also, find something to add just a little pop of color, like a flower or nail polish.”

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Do you have any unusual fashion photo tips? Let us know in the comments below! 

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