Italian Girls Always Get Tattoos on This Unexpected Part of Their Bodies


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I got my first tattoo about a year and a half ago. A friend had been offered a spot at a press day with a coveted London-based tattoo artist Gabby Colledge, but she couldn't attend and kindly passed the opportunity along to me. Off I popped to the same-day appointment without a second thought. That was the day I was finally going to get inked. I've always been a "throw caution to the wind" kind of person, and getting a tattoo felt like no big deal. With careful planning, I knew I could get one that not only looked cute but could also be covered with the move of my arm.

The area in question was above my elbow on the inside right of my arm. Visible but not so visible that if I regretted it after, I would be forced to stare at it on a daily basis. A year and a half later (and two more tattoos later), I'm still happy with my choice (see below). As it goes, I'm not the only one who thinks the inner arm is the ideal tattoo spot—I've noticed that Italian girls seem to have a serious obsession with it too.


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Italian girls are known for being a bit rock 'n' roll in their fashion choices, so it's no surprise they love this tattoo trend. It's rebellious enough to feel a bit wild but safe enough to be considered quite grown-up. So now, whenever I have the itch to get inked, I head to one of the three Instagram accounts below. Keep scrolling to see and shop the pieces I'd wear to show off my inner-arm tattoo, and then get some inspiration from some of the coolest Italian girls around.


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Singer, songwriter and model Patricia Manfield has quite a few tattoos, but it's always her molecule one that stands out the most. Placed just below her elbow on the inside of her arm, her scientific ink looks great when worn with T-shirts or slip dresses. If you're not looking closely, you could miss it, but it's still visible enough to make a statement, which is exactly how this kind of tattoo should be. Shop what I'd wear to show it off below.

What to wear to show off the tattoo:


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Attico co-founder Gilda Ambrosio also has a whole host of tattoos (noticing another trend with Italian girls here?) all over her body, but in particular, on the inside of her arms. On her right arm, she has a penguin and clouds around her elbow, and then a swallow on the back. Ambrosio's tattoos stand out more than Manfield's, but she still manages to make them look sophisticated with her fashion choices. The three items below would complement any selection of arm tattoos perfectly.

What to wear to show off the tattoo:


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OG Italian blogger Chiara Ferragni got her lioness-and–lion cub tattoo to mark the birth of her son, Leone. It's also located on her inner-right arm just above her elbow (just like Manfield and Ambrosio's). Wear a cami-style top with straight-leg jeans like Ferragni so your tattoo can be in full view. You can also opt for a printed dress or textured top to ensure it doesn't go unnoticed.

What to wear to show off the tattoo:

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