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I’m in Palm Springs, California, sitting across from one of fashion’s most influential women. A woman who has the power to shape and break fashion brands. I could ask Lisa Aiken, Net-a-Porter’s retail fashion director, 10 million questions, but first and foremost, I want to know about the brands she’s into right now—aka the lines the rest of us will be obsessing over in the months to come. I’ve been brought out to the desert, along with a group of models, influencers, and editors from all around the world, to experience a portfolio of the retailer’s best new names. But what’s Aiken’s take on these brands, and why are they important? Read on to find out and get my take on why I can't stop telling my circle about these new-to-me brands.


(Image credit: Silvia Tcherassi)

Aiken on Silvia Tcherassi“This brand is a testament to how broad the spectrum is of finding new brands. Silvia has had her brand for 20 years. She has a strong presence in Colombia and Miami. She’d never really had wholesale and taken it international in this way. I saw the lookbook, and it just blew me away. That’s why Silvia is so special—she’s got that flare.”

My Take: When all the girls put on their Silvia Tcherassi pieces to do an architecture tour of the area, they seemed to all fit perfectly—a testament to her fit. The styles are very right now but also come from a unique vantage point. 

Shop Silvia Tcherassi.


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Aiken on By Far: “These shoes are handmade in Bulgaria. We found By Far on social. There were a few girls that were wearing them that piqued our interest. For a young brand, they are very established. I love that they have the square toe that’s trending. They also have that great mid-heel height, which is the dream in the summertime.”

My Take: I want two things in shoes right now, and that's comfort and style. By Far delivers in spades. 

Shop By Far (coming soon to Net-a-Porter).


(Image credit: Alighieri)

Aiken on Alighieri: “There’s been so much of this sculptural modern jewelry where it was very clean. And then Rosh [Mahtani, the designer] came along and was doing something much more organic. It feels very personal. There’s so much storytelling behind each collection. It’s all based on different books or poems. It’s refreshing and feels artisanal.”

My take: Gold-coin jewelry is certainly having a moment, but Alighieri does it the best. The brand also takes it a step further with additional designs that create a narrative beyond trend. I wore this necklace shaped like an ancient vase all weekend long. 

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(Image credit: Christian Fang, Model: Fatima Jelassi)

Aiken on Chimi“Chimi first caught my attention through social media. It has these amazing reflective lenses that are very Instagram-friendly. We also loved the brand’s easy shopping model—five staple shapes, each available in more than 10 incredible colorways, so you can choose your style and color. To top it off, it has a great price point with most styles retailing for $100. The brand slogan is ‘One Pair is Not Enough,’ and I completely agree!”

My Take: I got to wear Chimi's collaboration with Joel Ighe. I love that this partnership adds another dimension to the Chimi brand—something a bit more alt trend to complement the more classic shapes in the main line. 

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(Image credit: Deitas)

Aiken on Deitas: “It’s a brand that I’ve been looking at for a little while. There are a lot of vintage-inspired elements—that ’30s sleeve or the button-up skirt. It’s what the cool girl wants to wear for evening. There’s a mix-and-match element too. The silk skirt looks great with a T-shirt. The puff sleeve top looks great with a pair of jeans. It feels like great wardrobing as well as a great evening option.”

My take: I truly loved being introduced to this brand. It feels special and not so trend-forward that it will seem dated in a year.

Shop Deitas (coming soon to Net-a-Porter).

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