Dry, Thirsty Skin Will Love These 12 Ultra-Hydrating Toners



If you have ultra-dry skin, I hate to say it, but it might be time to add another step to your skincare routine. I know that's the last thing you want to do, but hear me out for a second. For anyone out there who struggles with rough, bumpy texture and dryness, a good hydrating toner can be a real lifesaver. Even if you have oily or acne-prone skin, a toner that adds moisture is still a good idea to use because it can help balance your skin's oil levels resulting in fewer breakouts. So basically, it's a win-win for all skin types.

If dryness is your main concern, though, look for moisturizing and soothing ingredients like hyaluronic acid or honey. Both are known for their moisture-locking properties and can leave your skin feeling ultra-smooth. To get you started, I've rounded up the best hydrating toners below to add to your routine. Keep scrolling and find the one that's right for you.

1. Fresh Rose & Hyaluronic Acid Deep Hydration Toner

This hydrating toner from Fresh has been a long-time favorite of mine. It's so gentle on the skin and feels it feeling extra soft and looking dewy. It also doesn't hurt that it's infused with real rose petals. It smells completely divine.

2. Paula's Choice Resist Advanced Replenishing Toner With Hyaluronic Acid

Paula's Choice Replenishing Toner is great for dry and mature skin types. It helps infuse your complexion with essential nutrients, fatty acids, and hyaluronic acid to plump and smooth fine lines.

3. First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Wild Oat Hydrating Toner

First Aid Beauty is the gold standard when it comes to products for sensitive skin, and the brand's Ultra Repair Toner is no different. It's alcohol-free and soothes the skin with colloidal oatmeal and honey.

4. Caudalie Vinoclean Moisturizing Toner With Rose Water

This toner is great for both dryness and uneven texture. It contains soothing ingredients like rosewater, which also helps to lock in hydration at a deeper level.

5. Belif Aqua Bomb Hydrating Toner

Although this toner might be lightweight in nature, don't be fooled. It still delivers a serious boost of hydration with ingredients like honeysuckle, baobab, and sodium hyaluronate.

6. Lancôme Tonique Confort Re-Hydrating Comforting Toner With Acacia Honey

Sweet almond oil, acacia honey, and hyaluronic acid make up this moisture-packed formula. It's a bit on the heavy side, but if you have extra-dry skin, this may just be the ticket.

7. Thayers Alcohol-Free Cucumber Witch Hazel Toner

Thayers' alcohol-free toner is a cult favorite and you can't beat the price tag. It's a great option if you have combination, acne-prone skin because it balances the skin with aloe vera, witch hazel, and cucumber.

8. Dermalogica Multi-Active Toner Hydrating Facial Spray

This is a spray toner, so I know it might not be for everyone, but it comes in the perfect travel size and has lavender; powerful humectants; and arnica to moisturize, soothe, and bring down any inflammation on the skin.

9. PCA Skin Hydrating Toner

This antioxidant-rich toner improves your skin's ability to retain moisture. The evening primrose oil in the formula is also rich in fatty acids and feels like a tall drink of water for your complexion.



10. L'Oréal HydraFresh Toner 

If you use drying acne treatments or retinoids, this is a great drugstore option to refresh and soothe your skin. It's gentle and helps replenish moisture with vitamin B5.

11. Eminence Organic Skin Care Birch Water Purifying Essence

I personally use Eminence products and they're all incredibly lush. Do yourself a favor and invest in the brand's deeply hydrating Birch Water Purifying Essence. Birch water purifies the skin like no other and it also contains reishi and snow mushroom to provide long-lasting moisture.

12. EltaMD Skin Recovery Essence Toner

EltaMD doesn't just make amazing sunscreen—the brand also has an incredibly lush toner that restores any skin barrier damage and contains peptides and proteins that help maintain skin hydration.