Our Style Director's Guide to Wearing Your Trench

There’s nothing quite like the trench coat. Thomas Burberry created the style during World War I for British soldiers, and it’s certainly come a long way from its origins. But aside from its fascinating history, what makes the trench so special to me is its versatility. No matter your style type—bohemian, classic, feminine—there’s always a way to rotate a trench into your look, and usually with pretty flattering results.

So when I came across Everlane’s version (it’s so good guys), I decided to assemble a quick-and-easy guide to making the most out of this wardrobe staple. Scroll down for four looks you can wear now, and if you like them you can shop them, too!

Would you test out any of these looks? How do you style your trench coat? I want to know! Leave your thoughts in the comments.