The One Pair of Sandals That Will Go With Everything You Own

We love a good divisive trend, and out of all this summer's offerings, Teva sandals have got to be up there with the likes of cycling shorts and tie-dye. Practical, chunky and Velcro-clad, these hiking sandals are certainly one of the more unexpected additions to our new-season wish lists, but you know what? We haven't looked back. (Yes, even when our friends accuse us of wearing their dad's sandals.)

It may surprise to hear this, but we are becoming more and more convinced that Tevas are this summer's most versatile shoes. Obviously, this only applies if you get on board with the sandal's "ugly" appeal, but once you embrace it, you'll find that they go with almost everything in your wardrobe. I've had firsthand experience of this through my column The Joy of Shopping, which essentially sees me trying on hundreds of outfits all with a single pair of shoes. Out of all the shoes I've worn, my Tevas were by far the ones that looked the best with the most pairings.

If you need further convincing, I've found five getups that demonstrate the sandal's sheer versatility. From a midi skirt and tee to a tailored shorts suit, if these outfits don't convince you to buy a pair, I don't know what will. Scroll down to see and shop my favourite looks.

1. Floral Dress + Basket Bag


(Image credit: @ruerodier)

Style Notes: Tevas are a godsend for those of us who enjoy wearing summer frocks but require a little something to make them less overtly girly, as seen in Marissa Cox's chic ensemble.


2. Statement Top + Jeans


(Image credit: @usominne)

Style Notes: Not only to be confined to more casual getups, we like how Minnie has used her Tevas to add a pop to colour to a sophisticated geometric top–and-jeans pairing.


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3. Shorts Suit + Shirt


(Image credit: @trayslounge)

Style Notes: If you want to go full-on "dad," make like Tracey and throw on a tailored shorts suit with Tevas and a shirt. So cool, but definitely not one for the faint-hearted.


4. Pleated Skirt + Boyfriend Tee

Style Notes: We're enjoying the way that influencers are playing around with more traditionally feminine styles and mixing them up with more androgynous pieces. A pleated midi skirt, printed tee and Tevas make for an excellent combination.


5. Jumpsuit + Long-Sleeved Top


(Image credit: Joy Montgomery)

Style Notes: Deciding what shoes to wear with jumpsuits has always been a tricky one, but surprise—Tevas fit the bill nicely. A pair of platform sandals are particularly useful for balancing out wide-leg pants.


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