How to Wear Trends Without Looking "Trendy"

When it comes to new trends, some are definitely trickier to pull off than others. Take wearing a dress over pants, for example. When done right, it comes across as very forward-thinking and even artful. But how do you style it without looking like you’re trying too hard to be trendy?

In cases like these, we turn to street style stars for inspiration. There’s something special about these cool-girl icons who know how to make their outfits look effortless. One of our favorite fashion girls out there is Financial Times fashion editor Jo Ellison. She has that very knack for incorporating trends into her looks in such a way that the outfit feels very put together but not overly planned. The key is making sure the rest of the outfit sticks to your own style personality so that incorporating the trend feels more natural.

Keep scrolling to see how Jo Ellison styles a few of our favorite trends (dress over pants included) and shop the key items for yourself!

What’s your secret to making trends work with your personal style? Sound off in the comments below!

Opening Image: Style du Monde