This Cool German Girl Is the Queen of Wearing Timberland Boots

Knowing how to wear Timberland boots is tough. Much like Dr. Martens, while they're classics, the clumpy nature of the shoe style can make them feel unsophisticated and not chic at all. Luckily there's one fashion editor who often wears Timberlands during fashion week, and she always manages to nail it. Now, while not every clumpy shoe style in Veronika Heilbrunner's footwear wardrobe is a Timberland, the boots are very similar, and she styles them so well we couldn't not include as many pictures as possible. Keep scrolling for this fashion editor's guide to wearing Timberland boots.


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Style Notes: The simplest of ways to wear a pair of Timberlands is, of course, with jeans. The major style takeaway here though is to ensure they're slightly cropped to show off the full boots. Add a faux-fur jacket for some glamour.


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Style Notes: A pair of black tights, a black skirt, a band tee and Timberlands is exactly what we'd wear to a concert


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Style Notes: Who says you can't wear boots with a Chanel-style suit? The tweed jacket and skirt might scream "classic French ensemble," but the added boots and slogan tee give it the cool edge we're looking for.


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Style Notes: If you're feeling really adventurous, you could go for a corduroy. Preferably not matching, but in a similar colour. We're calling it the new double denim. 


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Style Notes: Oversized white shirts look good with everything—we know this. But wear it with high-waist black track pants and Timberlands, and you've got yourself a fashion week–ready outfit.


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Style Notes: While these shoes are from Altuzarra, they definitely have a Timberland-esque style about them. The boots take the edge off the super-pretty lace skirt. 

Elinor Block