Kim Kardashian Wore the Provocative Underwear Trend Everyone Has Been Trying

The visible-underwear trend just won’t quit. We’ve been tracking it for almost a year now with nary a celeb that hasn’t tried the look, including Kim Kardashian West, J.Lo, Bella Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski, and Hailey Bieber. And since we’re spending a lot more time at home in cozy clothes right now, it was only a matter of time until the provocative look came for your loungewear. Thankfully, this iteration seems to put a premium on comfort, as thongs have been largely swapped for high-waisted underwear, “granny” panties, and logo briefs. Cut to the ’80s sweatpants trend that has conveniently come back in style, and you’ve got a pairing that’s quickly taking over Instagram.

As for which underwear brands are taking the spotlight, we weren’t surprised to spot Kim Kardashian West sporting her Skims line paired with sweatpants, and we’ve seen quite a few snaps featuring the Gen-Z underwear disruptor, Parade. We tapped Parade’s cofounder, Cami Tellez, to share her take on the underwear as an accessory phenomenon. “We really believe in the power of color to be therapeutic: a bright pair of underwear during a time like this one can uplift. Personally, it’s been so exciting to see our greater community embrace WFH and Zoom conference calls with playfulness and joy,” said the entrepreneur.

We also likely saw a boost in visible underwear imagery since Parade launched an initiative called #paradetogether, which donates $1 to Feeding America for every photo of you in your underwear (Parade or not). Naturally, some of the classic logo underwear, such as Calvin Klein has been a big hit, too, and we’re just waiting for someone to re-create the nostalgic look of visible Tommy Hilfiger underwear à la ’90s Aaliyah. With that, we’ll leave you to scroll through some of the best underwear-and-sweatpants combos we’ve seen yet.

Consider us convinced. We’re purchasing this ribbed set stat.

The Parade panty party is one you want to get in on—trust us.

A all neutral tones look is an elevated way to try the trend.

Nothing says Gen-Z like a gothic font. 

Here’s the Calvin Klein inspo you were waiting for. 

A splash of mint green adds a bit of joy to this cozy look.

If showing off your underthings isn’t quite your speed, you can get the same effect with a layered bike-shorts–and-sweatpants combo.

Alternatively, double-layered sweatpants are an expert-level move. 

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Looking for more inspiration on how to style sweatpants? We’ve got you.

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