Sorry, Skinny Jeans—This Style Is Going to Be Our #1 in 2019

In my opinion, straight-leg jeans are the most versatile style in the entire denimsphere. Now, before you skinny-jean devotees and wide-leg jean lovers chime in, what other denim styles can you confidently say look great with everything from Manolos to ballet flats? We make a good case, don't we? (So modest.) First, straight-leg jeans are characterized by a relaxed look from the thighs down to the ankles. The classic cut tends to look good on everyone, and they have an inherently polished feel thanks to the stiffer denim.

Perhaps the greatest attribute to straight-leg jeans is that they can be styled in so many cool ways. Pairing them with cowboy boots and a blazer (just like fashion editor Alexandra Carl) is a shortcut to looking cool while white straight-leg jeans with matching trainers and a slogan tee will win you instant style points. This cut can also act as the perfect middle ground between your "fancy" top and your "show-off" shoes. Keep scrolling for our five best ways to wear straight-leg jeans, and then shop the pieces required for each ensemble.

Opening Image: Getty

This post originally appeared on Who What Wear UK.