The Most Slimming Color Isn't What You Think

Many of us have used the oldest trick in the book to achieve a slimmer look with our clothes: wearing all black. While it can work in most cases, one stylist explains that wearing pops of color can have the same flattering effect. Jeni Paolella Luciani told MSNBC the trick to wearing colors that will flatter your shape is to play up your favorite features using pops of color and use neutrals to bring the rest of your outfit together.

"Curvier women tend to go to the darker side and wear a lot of black and brown," she explained. "I like bright greens, burnt orange, or a brighter blue. If you're not used to wearing a bright color, take small steps with dark blue. There's no reason to hide what you have and who you are."

Her advice can also go for accessories, too. You can draw attention to your arms by going sleeveless or even your face by wearing bright earrings or a scarf. Whether it's clothes or accessories, each can easily be paired with autumn neutrals that let the colorful pieces highlight the features you love. We'll be implementing this easy fashion tip as we layer up this fall.

Check out how Mango styles their models using this trick and shop the looks below.

A bright red skirt breathes new life into a wardrobe basic like a white shirt.

Yellow is best worn with lighter tan shades or your favorite khaki trousers.

Looking for a day-to-night hue? Look no further than burgundy or wine shades, and pair them with your favorite heels.

Earthy green tones are always a good idea to pair with anything this fall.

What color do you think is the most flattering to wear? Tell us in the comments.

Opening Image: Christian Vierig/Getty Images

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