6 Outfits That Will Make Anyone Want to Wear Shorts This Summer

I don't know what I've had against shorts in the past, but I've often run scared of them. Perhaps it's the fact that I just can't get on board with the super-teeny denim cutoffs (more power to you if it works for you, though). Maybe it's also that if you select a pair that's just above the knee and wear it with a shirt, you can end up looking like Prince George is your #styleinspo. What I'm saying is that I find shorts very tricky to navigate when it comes to making them look genuinely chic. But come summer, they are a necessity, especially if we're hit with another heatwave. 

There's good news for us shorts naysayers, though, as there are a few trends for 2020 that made me reconsider the item. Unsurprisingly, a lot of my favourite people to follow on Instagram have already been wearing these looks, which is great, as it means there's an easy way to find your summer shorts style. For example, I spotted beige tailored shorts and a jumper paired with gold jewellery and red nails and two ways to wear the leather Bermuda shorts trend. I even found a couple of looks that pair bikinis with cute shorts. While we might not all be going on holiday this year, you'll still need to keep cool during the warmer months. So if you've often run scared of shorts, then this is for you. I've found a whole load of outfits that are guaranteed to change your mind. 


1. Tonal Palette + Gold Jewellery + Red Nails
(Image credit: @symphonyofsilk)

Style Notes: Matching your tailored shorts with a loose knit of the same colour is clearly going to look chic. Pair with gold jewellery and red nails, and it's the easy way to make it look expensive too (even if it isn't). 


2. Long Denim Shorts + Patterned Knit + White Shoes
(Image credit: @ada_oguntodu)

Style Notes: Denim shorts still making you feel stressed? Fear not. The way to wear them in 2020 is long and just above the knee. Avoid making them look too surfer bum by adding white heels and a printed knit. For those cooler summer nights. 


3. Leather Bermudas + Leather Shirt + Clutch Bag
(Image credit: @handinfire)

Style Notes: Leather Bermuda shorts are the biggest shorts trend of the year. Last summer, the look was already bubbling up, but it's set to go mainstream this season. Pair with a leather shirt and a leather clutch. 


4. Matching Shorts + Top + Throw-On Shirt
(Image credit: @lucywilliams02)

Style Notes: You might not have a back garden and are quite likely not going on holiday this year, but that doesn't mean you can't wear this printed-shorts trend. 


5. Tailored Shorts + Bikini Top
(Image credit: @florriet)

Style Notes: For when it gets super hot? Tailored shorts and a bandeau bikini. 


6. Leather Shorts + White Shirt
(Image credit: @venswifestyle)

Style Notes: Your ultimate WFH outfit featuring shorts. Opt for leather Bermudas with a loose white shirt. 

Next up, the biggest spring/summer 2020 fashion trends you need to know. 

Elinor Block