15 Out-of-the-Box Ways to Wear Your Pencil Skirt for Work

The pencil skirt has long been a part of the (non–skirt averse) working woman's wardrobe. The classic knee-length hemline is HR-friendly, while the simple shape creates a clean, polished silhouette. Still, sometimes it's hard to decipher how to wear a them in a way that isn't been-there-done-that. In an effort to break you out of your pencil-skirt rut, the unexpected outfits we've curate today are all about using classic button-downs, blazers, and sweaters. These 15 outfits you're about to see prove that there so many stylish, fun, non-boring ways to approach the timeless piece.

Proof that floral can be groundbreaking. 

Pair a bold blazer with your plaid pencil skirt for a sophisticated look. 

Is this what they mean when they say "orange is the new black"?

Pretty in pink (and color-blocked with purple).

A tasseled pencil skirt is the perfect subtle statement piece. 

Add a belt to contrast and define. 

Who said you can't wear sequins at work?

Don't be afraid to color-clash.

Fun and professional. 

Pair your statement sleeves to your statement belt (and skirt). 

For those casual Fridays at work. 

Prints look best when contrasted. 

Keep your outfit together with a neutral-colored pencil skirt. 

Take any midweek rainstorm on in style with this outfit. 

Take your skirt suit to the next level by styling it with socks and sandals.

Will you be wearing pencil skirts to work anytime soon? Hint: You should. 

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