Off-the-Shoulder Top, Meet Your Makeover

Ask anyone what the reigning trend of summer is and we’d bet that nine times out of 10, you’d get off-the-shoulder tops as your answer. Women all over the country (hell, all over the planet) have adopted this flattering closet companion and worn versions across the gamut. Don’t fret: We’re not suggesting you retire your clavicle-baring beauties just yet, but we do have to admit that it’s starting to feel a bit passé to step out in a basic billowy off-shoulder blouse. After all, it’s good to feel unique, right?

If you share similar thoughts, we have an exciting new look for you to try that doesn’t sacrifice the allure of showing off your shoulders. For fall, some of our favorite established and emerging designers such as Nina Ricci and Beaufille debuted thick fold-over tops and dresses in their collections. This modern, sleek update feels like the sophisticated cousin to the ruffled blouses of summer, which makes sense as we transition into the autumn months.

See below for examples from designers and brands on how to get the look, and tell us if you’ll be taking the trend for a spin in the comments below.