3 Things You Need to Know About High-Waisted Jeans

We have a bone to pick with denim, and we know you do too. We asked you on Facebook what your biggest shopping gripes were when it comes to your jeans— and the responses were endless. Good news? We've got answers. Introducing Denim Dilemmas, our new video series where we're answering your greatest denim issues here. 

Our first episode is on high-waisted jeans, where our fashion director, Natalie Cantell, conquers three of your biggest qualms with this style, sharing styling solutions and insider secrets (like looking for LYCRA® dualFX® technology on your tag). But rest assured, she’s not immune to issues of her own—so what are her pet peeves when it comes to jeans? Watch the first installment below, then keep reading to check out our behind-the-scenes chat where we find out Cantell’s denim journey.

Stay tuned for our second video, coming soon!