How to Wear Fall's Biggest Trends Like a Style Icon

Fashion moves fast in 2016. We understand that in order to keep up with the times one must always be thinking and moving forward. Progressive, you might say. However, we think it’s equally important to be analytical about the past in order to understand the present; after all, trends are cyclical, right? Whether it’s educating yourself on the history behind current staples like the trench coat (ahem, Burberry) or keeping an extensive log of iconic films that continue to influence designers, it’s all about the backstory.

To help prove our point, we picked out a few of our favorite style icons and researched their past looks to uncover trends that are relevant for the F/W 16 season. As expected, we found plenty. Thankfully, the contemporary interpretations of these trends aren’t identical to their erstwhile counterparts, rather they're an extension that we now see is rooted in historical significance. And on the more surface level? They’re simply inspiring ways to wear a few fun trends! Scroll down to see and shop our picks.