How Every Body Type Can Pull Off a Crop Top

We don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that crop tops are probably the most anxiety-inducing summer wardrobe staple. Although they’re very on trend and don’t seem to be going anywhere, many (understandably) have an undeniable hesitation that the style just won’t work for their body type.

We’re here to squash those fears before they can really take root. Contrary to what many might think, crop tops are actually one of the most versatile summer pieces you can choose, as you can pair the style with everything from high-rise jeans to a printed skirt and back again. No matter what your body shape, crop tops will be the saving grace of your summertime wardrobe if you let them. Ahead check out the many ways women of all shapes and sizes are styling this closet staple and shop a few of our favorites along the way.

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