Making Tracksuits Chic: 4 Grown-Up Ways to Style Them Up

The tracksuit is one fashion trend that isn't universally loved. It's forever up for debate, and even the most stylish dressers can be, understandably, unsure of how to wear such a polarising two-piece. But it has been adopted by many fashion lovers over the past few years, to the point where it's no longer a byword for vegging out on the sofa. Instead, it has become a rather surprising staple in more directional wardrobes across the globe.

Chloé presented a tracksuit on the runway during Paris Fashion Week way back in 2015, and the trend hasn't stopped growing since then. From the abundance of Stan Smith trainers adorning nearly every fashion insider's feet to Kendall Jenner wearing a full-on tracksuit, the realm athleisure is as potent as ever. As usual, outfits ideas from our street style favourites have offered up some key rules on how to wear your tracksuit in a chic, grown-up way and less like you're hanging around your local chip shop.

Keep scrolling for the four key rules for wearing a tracksuit, and discover where to shop our favourite pieces right now.

Tip #1: Add a Smart Jacket or Coat


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Style Notes: A blazer, a nice coat or even a trench will instantly make any tracksuit look smart, especially if you opt for a pair of trackie bottoms with a stripe down the side. The sharper lines of a tailored jacket will streamline the look, pulling the whole ensemble together. This is a particularly great solution in the autumnal months.

Tip #2: Tuck In Your Top


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Style Notes: There's nothing in the tracksuit rule book that says you have to wear a full suit. Instead, just do the trousers, and tuck in a shirt—whether that's a smart off-the-shoulder top or a more loose-fitting blouse.

Tip #3: Finish With Heels


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Style Notes: Heels, of course, will add height, but they also makes a statement that this is a fancier outfit rather than one you'd just wear to the gym.

Tip #4: Go All Out


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Style Notes: When you're ready to embrace the full tracksuit look, there's only one clear rule: You've got to wear it with confidence. Okay, maybe these Vetements shoulders are a tad insane, but they were soon swiped off the shop floors by super-fans… Treat this piece like a classic two-piece, and wear it with heels and a designer bag. 

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