Editors Agree: This Is How to Wear a Romper as an Adult

To start off this cyber conversation, I would like to state that jumpsuits and rompers are two very different things—jumpsuits are pant-length, and rompers are short-length. Jumpsuits are always a safe (and chic) option, but rompers, on the other hand, can be tricky. So if you ever wondered how to wear a romper, we decided to settle the debate once and for all.

Since our editors here at Who What Wear know a thing or two about how to dress fashionably and appropriately pretty much 24-7, we tapped our own team to get some in-house styling advice on the matter. Unsurprisingly, all four of them ended up agreeing on the same thing: When it comes to wearing a romper as an adult, it needs to be structured and well tailored. There you have it: Rompers can look polished and elevated, as long as you keep these things in mind.

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"It's definitely best to steer clear of very short styles and flimsy fabrics. Look for options that are streamlined and made of structured fabrics, like poplin or denim. When it comes to footwear, avoid flip-flops and stilettos, and opt for a pair of cute polished sneakers or block-heel sandals instead."

A more structured romper looks great in this denim material. 

Available in sizes 0 to 12.

"I think if you're going to wear a romper out, it should definitely be structured and/or well-tailored with elevated touches such as wrap detailing, piping, or an open back for, say, a beach party. There should always be a defined waist, and bonus points for a built-in belt. No jersey!"

Simple and sweet.

Available in sizes XXS to M.

"Rompers can be a tricky thing to pull off without looking overly youthful. The addition of sleeves are a nice way to make them feel more adult. In terms of fabric, look for elevated materials like linen and silk, and it's always good to go for one that's structured and tailored. Probably best to avoid jersey. You'll want to aim for solids or sophisticated prints. A stripe is always a strong choice."

You'll never go wrong in classic stripes.

Available in sizes XS to M.

"I've never been too fond of rompers, but I do think that tailored versions with stiffer, more structured fabric can look great. Especially if there are military-inspired elements like shoulder epaulets, pockets, and a belt."

Not for the faint of heart. 

Available in size IT 40.

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