How to Stylishly Wear a Polo in 2018

Polo shirts are no longer the über-preppy look you remember from your grade school days. There are so many new ways our favorite street style stars have adapted the button-down trend as of late that we can’t wait to try it out in our own arsenal of looks come summer.

The polo shirt has been reinvented with nearly every decade in recent memory. The ’70s paired it with flared jeans, the ’80s took a tighter and more cropped approach; the ’90s and ’00s took the preppy classics from the likes of Ralph Lauren and Lacoste and infused a little sporty vibe by way of track pants, slouchy denim, and the like. Now in 2018, we’re rolling all those throwback trends together to create looks that are both sophisticated and sporty and tailored and youthful at the same time.

Whether you’re into denim shorts or prefer a colorful midi skirt for mornings at the office, it’s time to bring back the polo shirt. The stylish women ahead are teaching us how to wear a polo in 2018—and how to shop the trend. Be prepared to never want to wear another shirt again.

Whether you’re preppy through and through or you’re looking for something a little edgier, the sky’s the limit when it comes to polo shirt looks in 2018.