What's the Best Way to Unstick a Zipper?

If you've ever owned a pair of jeans, a jacket, or any item in which a zipper plays a central role, then you are well aware of how utterly frustrating it is when the mechanism gets stuck. You fear tugging it too hard as you try to unstick it because you don't want to break the whole contraption, you look crazy while you're trying to fix it—the whole thing is just a mess.

Determined to nix this issue forever, we asked celebrity stylists Emily Current and Meritt Elliott for the best secret they know to unstick a stubborn zipper, and they shared their wisdom with us. Plus, you already have everything you need to fix that annoying zipper at home. Follow these easy steps and never waste time over a stuck zipper again:

  1. Use ChapStick to unstick a zipper, Elliott told us. We bet any kind of lip balm or even Vaseline would work, too.
  2. Apply a little to where it's sticking, and try the moving the zipper as you normally would.
  3. Zip it right up! If the zipper is still not functioning properly, try using the chapstick on the opposite side and apply a bit to the areas above and below the problem spot.

Eureka! Never fuss with a stuck zipper again.

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