What Your Shirt Tuck Says About You

Ever since the popularization of the half-tuck (we have Phoebe Philo to thank for that), we’ve taken the way we tuck our tops into pants or skirts fairly seriously. After all, an outfit can be rapidly transformed simply by playing with various methods. So to give you some inspiration on how to get the most wear out of your favorite blouses, we rounded up six standout looks you can try today and threw in a little shopping because it’s Friday. Enjoy!

If you want to keep it clean and professional, a full tuck is for you.

Tuck and Roll


Style du Monde

Need to keep a clean line, but still allow a little give on your tee? Start with a full tuck, and then tug on your top for a little give.

Achieve a nonchalant French-inspired mood with a messy tuck. Bonus points if it’s a striped T-shirt.

The perfect tuck for the gal on the go.

The tuck every fashion girl loves and admires.

All-Front Tuck


Style du Monde 

If you rock a front-only tuck we suspect you’ve got an adventurous side to you. 

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How do you tuck your top? Tell us in the comments!

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