How Hermès Wants You to Tie Your Scarf

The never-ending saga of how to tie a scarf the most stylish way just got an unexpected twist: Hermès chimed in. Or rather, we discovered the fact that every year, the French fashion house creates "Knotting Cards"—a set of 21 cards that bear the instructions on the many different ways to tie the brand's iconic scarves. (Thanks, WonderHowTo, for the reminder!)

From offering advice on how to achieve the classic '60s scarf-headband look to the best way to wear your scarf as a belt, some of these methods are truly creative. It's a quality refresher course that's guaranteed to inspire you to put your favorite scarves to new use—and if you happen to be on the market for a new Hermès scarf, now you know some fun things you can try with your brand-new acquisition.

Keep scrolling for seven of our favorite ways to tie an Hermès scarf!

How do you usually tie your scarf during the chillier months? Share in the comments below!

Opening Image: Sean Cunningham