I Found The Chicest Way To Tie a Scarf On Your Head

Lately, I've been dreaming about infusing my summer wardrobe with a decidedly retro appeal. I've been looking at a lot of images of Sophia Loren and Monica Bellucci to inspire me, as well as old photos of Italian beachgoers in the '60s. There's just something so classic about how they styled a scarf on their head, whether at the beach or beyond. Naturally, I knew I had to re-create the look, and as soon as I tried to, I realized just how easy it really is. I used a large printed silk scarf, but all you'll need is a scarf that's cut in a square shape.

To show you just how straightforward it is to tie a scarf on your head like I did, see my two-step how-to guide so you can get the look for yourself. Then shop a few of my favorite scarves right now.

Now you know how I'll be styling a square scarf for beach days and travel all summer long.