21 Insanely Chic Ways to Style Your Zara Jeans This Fall

How to Style Jeans For Fall


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In case you haven't noticed, Zara is not only good for the trendiest and most sustainable affordable products on the market, but it is also beyond important when it comes to fresh styling ideas. Zara has employed a whole department of the most talented stylists who work in-house to style the new pieces in ways that will make you want to buy them ASAP.

Since Zara can feel like a haven for the trendiest items only, I thought it would be nice to highlight all the innovative ways Zara is styling its denim for fall and winter 2019. This includes colored jeans, wide legs, and every denim trend in-between. The 21 denim outfits ahead are so good that you might want to print them out and paste them to your wall for safekeeping. Since jeans become such a routine part of your fall/winter wardrobe, you might as well test out some fresh ways to style them à la Zara.

You'll Need: Blazer + Sweater + Skinny Jeans + Thigh-High Boots

You'll Need: Chunky Cardigan + Button-Down + Straight-Leg Jeans + Flat Ankle Boots

You'll Need: Blazer + Slouchy Turtleneck + Button-Down + Tapered Jeans + Pointed-Toe Boots

You'll Need: Printed Sweater + Button-Down + Ecru Jeans + Square-Toe Ankle Boots

You'll Need: Oversize Denim Jacket + '80s-Inspired Jeans + White Pumps

You'll Need: Blazer + Pussy-Bow Blouse + Baggy Jeans + Square-Toe Boots

You'll Need: Camel Coat + Cardigan + Button-Down + Straight-Leg Jeans

You'll Need: Voluminous Poplin Top + Low-Rise Jeans + Western Boots 

You'll Need: Puff-Sleeved Top + Paper-Bag Jeans + Flat Boots

You'll Need: Cropped Blazer + T-Shirt + Coated Jeans + Pointed-Toe Boots

You'll Need: Matching Denim Ecru Set + Square-Toe Boots

You'll Need: Grandma Cardigan + Button-Down + Wide Jeans + Strappy Sandals

You'll Need: Printed Cardigan + Ruffle-Adorned Top + Straight-Leg White Jeans + Flat Boots

You'll Need: Blazer + Sweater + Turtleneck + Wide-Leg Jeans + Mules

You'll Need: Leather Shirt + Turtleneck + Tapered Jeans + Pointed-Toe Boots

You'll Need: Oversize Blazer + Flared Jeans + Square-Toe Boots

You'll Need: Statement Sweater + Wide-Leg Jeans + Bold Belt + Square-Toe Boots

You'll Need: Sweater Around Shoulders + T-Shirt + Tapered Jeans + Square-Toe Boots

You'll Need: Beanie + Camel Coat + Sweater Vest + Button-Down + Baggy Jeans + Combat Boots

You'll Need: Shacket + Turtleneck + Camel Belt + Wide-Leg Jeans + Ankle Boots

You'll Need: Fleece Jacket + Long-Sleeve Shirt + High-Waisted Jeans + Knee-High Combat Boots

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