6 Smart Tips to Style Your Jewellery Like a Pro

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One of the (many) reasons getting dressed is so fun is the freedom to really showcase your signature style. Whether you like keeping things simple or prefer to make a statement, incorporating jewellery into your look is always a good idea. And with spring upon us, it’s the perfect excuse to update your collection! Need some help? Take a style cue from Mackenzie Horan the blogger behind Design Darling. She stepped out to brunch, looking exceptionally cute in Pandora’s spring collection.

Scroll down to see Pandora’s spring collection and get inspired by Design Darling’s expert styling tips.

“I could wear these dainty stacked rings daily. I like how they add a little extra flair to a casual outfit,” says Mackenzie. 

“The Silver bangles are an easy everyday layering piece. I kept the charms on mine simple, but you can design them to fit your personal style,” says Mackenzie.

When it comes to stacking rings, there isn’t a straight set of rules to follow. Play with different ring shapes, sizes, and materials, and decide if there’s one particular ring that you want to be the “star,” while the rest play supporting roles. For instance, the daisy cocktail ring, pictured above, definitely stands out amongst the other more dainty pieces. A foolproof tip is to stack one of your hands in an even number of rings and the other in an odd amount to achieve balance, and you’ll be good to go.

“These cute flower earrings are a fun update to classic diamond or pearl studs,” says Mackenzie. "It's amazing how a few carefully chosen accessories can make your whole look feel more polished."

These bands are either sterling silver or 14 karat gold, and are adorned in subtle, clear cubic zirconia stones. The vintage-style cuts and geometric shapes are what make these rings unique and great for everyday.

Pandora’s latest collection is all about the return of spring, from dazzling daisies to primrose florals and petals. Each piece was designed with fresh blooms in mind to highlight the change in seasons. Make sure to explore the collection which just launched on March 12. 

Do you have any tips for styling your jewellery? Tell us in the comments below!

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