How to Style Tassel Earrings, According to an Expert

tassel earrings


Hart Hagerty

2017 has been a strong year for statement earrings, and with its most festive weeks still ahead, we're looking forward to pairing them with every outfit we leave the house in—and maybe some we don't (you know, for selfie purposes). Top of our list right now is tassel earrings, which manage to look both classic and thoroughly of-the-moment and offer an easy way to incorporate a little color into your look, even if your wardrobe skews toward all-black.

Designer Hart Hagerty has been creating tassel earrings since 2013 when she returned to her native Charleston, South Carolina, after five years of living in Shanghai (she still works with artisans in the city to produce her line). So it's safe to say she knows a thing or two about how to style the eye-catching earrings in ways that feel fresh and unexpected. To wit: "The beauty of my tassel earrings lies in their simplicity and versatility," she says. "They go with pretty much any outfit from bohemian-chic to classic-cool."

Hagerty's tassels range from OTT double-layered tufts to elegant silky fringe. "I love playing up contrast. I'll wear the sparkly new holiday earrings with a vintage band T-shirt (the more beat-up, the better)," she says. "The more subdued silky topknots are chic, understated, and cool, especially when paired with timeless classics like cashmere sweaters and slip dresses. They make just enough of a statement for the cool girl's look. They're never trying too hard."

Here are four outfits Hagerty is styling with tassel earrings this season:

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A cool multicolored metallic for nights when you need something special.

Hoop + tassel = statement earring gold.

We love the rose-gold hardware on this delicate pair.

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Wear these with your fanciest dress or your favorite gray sweatshirt.

Each pair includes more than 1000 beads.

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