How to Style Overalls This Summer

When we were kids, we were rarely seen not wearing overalls. At the time, we most likely paired the one favorite with a cropped tee and our favorite beat-up Converse sneakers before running out the door. While we might have taken a little break from the childhood wardrobe essential, we’ve quickly come to realize that not that much has changed. Upon rediscovering the retro trend, we officially can’t get enough.

We still love wearing our overalls with a boxy white tee, but we have invented new and fun ways to make it our own (and in a more elegant and adult way). We’re slipping sleeker bodysuits underneath for a more tailored feel, having fun with color by pairing our distressed styles with bright vintage tees, and even fashioning an intentional one-strap look by unfastening one side at the shoulder. Consider it the sartorial equivalent of the “woke up like this” look.

In denim, chino, cotton, and more, we’ve already begun to re-create the collection of overalls we had as children and are so excited to try them out that we can’t decide which look to try on first. From sophisticated to sporty and everything in between, here are our favorite ways to style overalls in the summer.

Fallen back in love yet? We surely have. These are definitely not the overalls we remember from our childhood!