If You're Not Into Skinny Jeans, These 10 Loose-Fitting Denim Looks Are for You

Out of all the styling content we produce on our site, I think it's pretty evident that jean outfits are our personal favorite. They're a wardrobe staple that has been around for years, yet the options our favorite fashion girls seem to be put together are endless. Whether you're a skinny jeans person or like your denim on the baggier side, we don't judge. Today's topic of discussion happens to be styling more loose-fitting-denim, so if you prefer your jeans tight we have outfit ideas for you elsewhere.

Below, you'll find a range of outfit ideas featuring baggier denim, with looks perfect for a night out to your next brunch 'fit served on a platter. Keep scrolling for more style inspiration.

Loose-Fitting Jeans Outfits



I know the world of fashion has convinced you that everything needs to be proportionate, but fret not because the baggy jeans and baggy shirt combo still works. Plus, it's extremely comfortable.

While loose-fitting denim can have the reputation of being too casual, make things feel more elevated with an oversized blazer. If you want your outfit to lean more on the fun side, opt for a pop of color.

How to Style Loose Fitting Denim



The latest menswear-inspired piece that's trending? Suit vests. (You can thank Kendall Jenner and Tommy Shelby.) While vests usually act as layering pieces, the tailored item looks exceptionally well contrasted with loose jeans as just a top.

Loose-Fitting Jeans



Sometimes, it's best to quit overthinking and keep things simple. As long as you're comfortable in your outfit, the confidence will shine through—even in a basic tank and jeans.

We're huge fans of the "dad" look here at Who What Wear, and this button-up, denim, and vintage sneakers combo are just what we were looking for.

Best Loose-Fitting Jeans



In our story about which summer trends to pair with jeans, crochet was high on the list. Whenever you have a trendy item that you're struggling to style—try it out with a pair of relaxed denim. There's a 99% chance it'll look good.

Loose-Fitting Jeans for Women



Would a wardrobe really be complete without a few pretty tops like this one? They can easily be dressed up with a skirt, but look even better with wide-leg jeans for a brunch or picnic.

Loose Fitting Jean Outfits for Women



Cardigans aren't just for the preppy dressers. While an oversized sweater may pair well with skinny jeans, the best match to a cropped top are jeans that are high-waisted and have a slight flare. (We've all seen that "little shirt, big pants" TikTok right?)

Cute Jeans Outfits



Instead of a plain t-shirt, find one that has an interesting detail like a polo collar. It's an easy level-up for a simple outfit.

Outfits With Jeans



Don't be afraid to play outside the box. When it comes to fashion, the choices are all yours. We saw dress and pant pairings on the runway last year, why not do the same with jeans?