7 Cardigans That Are More Fashion Girl, Less Old Lady

First of all, we love grandmas and all the joy and love they bring to our lives. However, you can't deny the fact that when you hear the word cardigan, you often think of a lumpy pale blue version styled with a floral midlength skirt, nude pantyhose, and cross-trainers. With that said, women of all ages (grandmas included) are in for a treat with the fresh cardigan styling tips we have rounded up for you here.

Thanks to the suave street style set, cardigans have recently been painted in a whole new light, and we aren't mad about it. From inventive ways to layer the classic sweater to which outfit counterparts will give it that needed edge, get ready to discover the most forward ways to style cardigans in 2016.

Keep reading to find out how you should be styling your cardigans and to shop the items you'll need to re-create the looks.

back to the basics


Style du Monde

Don't lie, loyal Who What Wear readers—we know you love a good skinny-jean look. As simple as it may seem, wearing a cardigan with a white T-shirt, skinny jeans, and some strappy heels will result in an ultra-cool vibe. 

A must-have piece in every cool girl's closet.

These jeans are the perfect length for showing off amazing shoes. 

top transformation


Style du Monde

Turn your cardigan into a top by crossing one side over the other and securing it with a belt. To add some complexity to the look, we recommend doubling up on the knits by adding a skirt or pants of the same sweater material. 

Ribbed knitwear is what everyone is wearing right now.

Strive to be elegant this fall in a pleated midi skirt.

An accessory that never goes out of style.

unpredictable placement


Style du Monde

Your initial reaction when styling a cardigan may be to layer it underneath a coat, but we recommend doing the opposite and wearing it over your coat. Especially when you have a colorful printed style at hand, why not let it shine? 

Be prepared for those chilly fall days.

We are stunned by the metallic beauty in this cardigan.

Stay timelessly cool in this tailored coat.

It's more than 50% off—how could you not buy it?

shape up


Style du Monde

Don't allow the length of your cardigan to compromise your adorable shape. Instead, tuck your sweater into your pants to achieve the streamlined look you desire without sacrificing that extra layer you probably need to keep warm.

Add a layer of edge to any outfit.

Stay warm and stylish while showing off your legs with a cropped fit.

try trimmings


Style du Monde

This look has so much going on that you almost don't realize one of the key elements is the cardigan. Thanks to the plethora of statement pieces in this look, all including some sort of unique trim, a cardigan has never looked so admirable. 

Once again, Gucci never disappoints.

It would be a lie to say that we do knot love this top.

Step up your denim game with a polished dark wash. 

All we have to say is good job, Marco de Vincenzo. We are obsessed with you.

blocks of color


Style du Monde

Center your cardigan-friendly look around a few of your favorite colors of the moment. Pick your favorite colored sweater, T-shirt, jeans, and statement boots and let hues speak for themselves in a look that can be as complex or subdued as you like. 

Keep your outfit nice and crisp with this cardigan.

It's never too late to get your staple basic tee.

The Levi's jeans that have everyone going crazy.

wild side


Style du Monde

When you have an outfit as loud as leopard pants and an orange blouse, a quiet and classic cardigan is probably a good idea. In cases like this, we recommend a lengthier version to really emphasize the third-piece appeal

Shop the Look:

A cardigan that we're already attached to.

What are some of your favorite ways to style a cardigan? Let us know in the comments below!