I Finally Gave In to the Biker-Shorts Trend and Found 11 Cool Ways to Style Them

There are plenty of summer trends that I jumped on immediately this year: tie-dye everything, ribbed tank tops, and chunky "tourist" sandals, to name a few. Biker shorts were not on that list. But after seeing celebs wear the comfy shorts style over and over again, I finally decided to give them a try.

To be clear, I previously owned one pair of biker shorts that I strictly wore with a sports bra and exercise sneakers for workouts. They never saw the light of day, though, and they definitely never became a part of an outfit that didn't involve activewear. Flash forward to today, and I can't get enough of the style. They're undoubtedly practical for my current work-from-home lifestyle but are also so easy to turn into tons of cool, effortless outfits, like these 11, for example…

Colorful bike shorts



I've been seeing so many incredible shades of yellow this season, and these sunny biker shorts are no exception. I like this simple styling with the one-shoulder black top and chunky gold necklace. It says, "I could work out in this outfit, but I probably won't."

White ribbed top and shorts



As I mentioned, ribbed tanks are a trend I instantly incorporated into my summer wardrobe, so I can't wait to re-create this outfit. The addition of the button-down is key for making this feel more like an outfit and less like pajamas.

Biker shorts outfit



This off-duty look is perfect for anyone wanting to ease into the trend. Plus, oversize T-shirts and chunky workout sneakers are always fashion-girl favorites.

This is a perfect example of how to style printed biker shorts, which I'm seeing more and more brands create. Sticking to one color palette really works here.

Biker shorts cardigan outfit



If neutral outfits are not your thing, maybe this bright knit top and leopard shorts will pique your interest. It definitely piqued mine.

Blazer and shorts outfit



Mixing different shades of pink is a great way to test-drive the tonal trend. I can't way to try out this styling idea. 

My coworker Nicole (pictured here) has the best style that often leans more classic than trendy. I was a little surprised to see she's a biker-shorts fan but less so after seeing her chic styling (those shoes! that jacket!). No further questions.

Checkered blazer outfit



I swear checkered blazers make any outfit infinitely more polished. I sincerely hope they never go out of style because I plan to re-create this polished-yet-casual look over and over.

An outfit that makes a serious case for monochromatic dressing. This is also just a really cheerful color palette, so there's that.

Pairing any form of athletic wear with heels might feel dramatic, but it's this exact detail that makes this biker-shorts outfit work (aka not feel like loungewear).

vacation outfit



I love that inserting denim shorts into this outfit would be just as cute but twice as expected. The biker shorts feel fresh here. Now, if I could only wear this outfit on vacation instead of at home.