The #1 Trick That Makes Every Outfit More Flattering

We all have those wardrobe pieces that we know don't suit our frame in the most flattering way possible. The quick and simple fix to an outfit such as this? A belt. Fashion girls know, above all else, how to seamlessly work a belt into their look, ultimately creating a waistline that is flattering in the best way possible. Whether you're wearing a blazer, paper-bag trousers, or a dress, the ultimate quick fix is wrapping a belt around your waist and calling it a day. 

Click in to see the most flattering ways to style a belt this season and beyond.


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Add shape to a slightly oversize blazer. 


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Tie together contrasting patterns with a belt in the same color family. 


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Paper-bag pants don't have to be overwhelming thanks to the quick cinch of a belt. 


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Like a dress but cooler. 


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Belts can also add a pop of color to an otherwise monotone ensemble. 


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Whoever said belts were boring was highly mistaken. 


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Oversize sweaters no longer have to be the enemy thanks to the flattering fix any belt offers. 


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Meet our new weekend uniform. 


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Have a simple dress? Add an eclectic wide belt to spice things up. 


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Create proportion with the addition of a sleek black belt. 


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When opting for a loose-fitting top-and-pants combo, try throwing a belt into the mix to create some shape. 


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The way her T-shirt is casually tucked into the belt makes this look laid-back and cool. 


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This outfit honestly gives us chills. 


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Jazz up casual jeans and a T-shirt with a sparkly belt. 


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Yes, sweaterdresses were basically meant to be belted. 


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Modernize a more elegant look with a utility-type belt. 


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Because there's no such thing as too much Gucci. 


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Want to wear a dress over pants without looking frumpy? I think by now you can guess our solution. 


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All-black outfits always need a little texture play. 


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Yes, yes, and yes to this color combination and belt placement. 


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Accentuate your best feature with quick the addition of this subtle accessory. 

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Lauren Eggertsen
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