This Classic "Dad" Trend Is Getting More Popular By the Day

Earlier this year, the fashion crowd decided to embrace the baseball hat as one of the biggest accessory trends of the season. We saw them integrated into designer collections on the runway, all over Instagram, and even dispersed throughout the street style scene during fashion month. This classic "dad" trend went from being a casual athleisure staple to a forward and trendy adornment across fashion girl's winter ensembles everywhere. Fast-forward to summer 2020 and it's clear that the baseball-hat movement has only become more popular by the day. 

Although this particular summer has shaped up to be nothing like we planned, that has not ceased the outfit ideation amongst fashion girls everywhere. And you guessed it—a lot of those outfits are integrating baseball caps galore. Whether you're feeling bored in the house or are looking for an exciting outfit to try the next time you go to the grocery store, I have laid out seven baseball-hat outfit ideas ahead that will fit your every outing, mood, and aesthetic. From sitting in the sun to spending a lazy Sunday indoors, there is an appropriate place for your all your "dad" hats to make an appearance. Trust me. 


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The Category: Swimsuit Styling 

Accessorize your favorite bikini with ease by throwing a sporty baseball hat on your head and a breezy button-down around your shoulders. 


(Image credit: @sofiamcoelho)

The Category: Socially Distanced Meet-Up

Meeting up with your friends looks a lot different these days. While you might feel pressure to put on your jeans for the big occasion, you certainly don't have to. By adding a baseball hat, chain necklaces, and retro sneakers to your favorite sweatsuit, you will have a comfortable yet stylish look in no time. 


(Image credit: @nlmarilyn )

The Category: Bored in the House

It's only natural to feel a tad bored these days, but instead of letting it get the best of you, take that time to experiment with new looks sitting right in your very own closet. A perfect example is this oversize blazer worn as a dress look, although the baseball hat is definitely my favorite part. 


(Image credit: @laurencrowe88)

The Category: Impromptu Photoshoot

Everyone has recently had to get a lot more creative with how they capture Instagram content these days. So if you're looking for a way to spice up your feed, take a cue from this example and use a sheet as a background for your newly assembled baseball hat look du jour. 


(Image credit: @kristengracelam)

The Category: Checked-Out

Just because you're feeling a little tired at home doesn't mean your loungewear look hast to follow suit. Get creative and mix prints, add a hat, and take a cute picture with your self-timer. 


(Image credit: @lauranadineherbert)

The Category: Sunday Scaries

There's no shame in spending your Sunday cuddled-up in your bed. However, if you're sick of that same pair of pajamas you've been wearing nonstop, slip into some briefs, a big T-shirt, and a fun baseball hat. 


(Image credit: @matildadjerf )

The Category: Walking Your Dog

It's time to take your pup for a walk and the last thing you want to do is change into a more socially acceptable look. Well, if you throw a big trench coat on and tuck your hair into a hat, you don't have to. 

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