How to Stretch Leather Boots in 3 Steps

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Fact: There's nothing worse than boots that are too small. Whether the last size available was a bit too snug or your favorite pair no longer fits the way they used to, some sort of fix is necessary. Stretching leather boots might seem like a difficult feat, but in reality, there are simple steps to be taken to make your boots wearable for years to come.

So what's the trick to stretching leather? We talked to David Mesquita, vice president at Leather Spa, to find out. According to Mesquita, there are two routes you can take. First and foremost, you can always just drop off your leather boots at a local shoe-repair business where they will use a shoe-stretching machine. However, if you're feeling up to the challenge, there's a three-step at-home method that's certainly worth a try.

Read on to learn how to stretch your leather boots in only three steps, according to an expert.

1. Use a shoe-stretching liquid to break in boots.

It's possible that all your leather boots need are a good breaking in. According to David, shoe-stretching liquid "helps to soften the material." While the material is wet, wear the boots around to break them in. One trick to ensure the exterior of your boots aren't damaged is to only spray the interior of the boots.

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2. Try wooden stretchers combined with stretch spray.

If stretch spray alone doesn't do the trick, the next step is to combine the stretch spray with a shoe-stretcher tool. According to David, opt for a wooden shoe stretcher. In his experience they're proven to be stronger and more durable. 

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3. Leave stretchers in overnight.

Not only does leaving the stretching liquid and boot-stretchers in overnight give them time to work their magic, but the experts say it's actually best to try on your shoes in the morning. If the size still isn't to your liking, try the process again, adding a bit more pressure on the stretcher.

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