How to Store Fur Coats During the Off-Season

How to Store Fur Coats in the Off-Season


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Eventually, it becomes too warm to wear fur coats, which means it's time to stow them away until winter rolls around again. But storing this oftentimes expensive investment piece isn't quite as simple as putting away our other wintertime staples. Instead there are a few essential steps one should take when packing up a fur coat to ensure it's well maintained during the hot summer months. Below we've put together an easy-to-follow guide for storing your furs during the off-season.

1. Store in a cold, dark closet

Choosing the proper storage place is vital when packing away a fur coat. It's best to avoid hot, humid, and cramped places (and stay out of the garage). Instead, put the coat in a spacious hallway closet that does not get a lot of direct sunlight.

2. Find proper hangers

Using the correct hangers is essential in maintaining the shape of the coat and avoiding damage. It's recommended to use broad-shouldered clothes hangers that can fully support the coat's weight.

3. Store the coat in a breathable garment bag

Never hang it in a plastic bag, as it will cut off the air supply and cause the fur to dry out. Instead, store the coat in breathable garment bags. Pro tip: Check the product description to ensure it's suitable for fur.

4. Use lavender to keep moths away

Keep moths and other insects from damaging your coat by hanging or placing lavender sachets in the storage space. Avoid using mothballs, as the smell, which can permeate into the fur, is tough to get out.

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