A DIY Hack to Stop Holes in Your Jeans From Ripping Further

Ripped jeans are like the double-edged sword of fashion. They can look a little too casual at times, bordering on sloppy, and those tears are only going to get worse over time. And unless you're Gigi Hadid, you probably want to still rock a pair of moderately distressed jeans—because let's face it, who doesn't love jeans?—while still looking polished.

The good news is that the folks at Refinery29 came up with the easiest at-home hack to reinforce your favorite pair so that those tears your jeans came with don't get worse. The DIY method requires only three things: iron-on denim patches, a flatiron, and scissors. You probably own the latter two, and you can easily scoop up iron-on patches at any craft store. The patches will support the current holes in your jeans after being cut to the right size and the flat iron will be used to apply them (you can also use a regular iron). The whole process takes a few minutes and the end result is totally invisible since the patches will be on the inside of the jeans. And just like that, you have a pair of sturdy jeans that only look distressed. Check out the Refinery29 video here, and keep scrolling to shop our distressed denim picks.

Do you have any distressed jean-saving tips? Share them with us in the comments!

Opening Image: @shotbygio

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