How to Prolong the Life of Your Activewear

Each weekend everyone gets up and puts on their active wear to do everything but exercise. We know, it’s hilarious. Athleisure is having such a moment (thank you Alexander Wang), that we spend more than just gym-time in our workout gear.

We know we’re not the only culprits to spend our weekends in gym gear, so we sat down with the ladies from OUT Incorporated (AKA active wear gurus), to find out their best tips for prolonging the life of those high-rotation leggings, crop tops and singlets.

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“Have a few options so you’re not wearing the same pieces all the time—mixing it up will help fabrics and seams stay in great condition. Still, this is active wear—so let’s be real. Many of us do not want to have a whole section of our wardrobes dedicated to leggings, crop tops and singlets. That said, buy the best quality you can afford. Those brands will stand behind the quality of their fabrics, seams, and finishes.  Quality brands are looking out for wear and tear in their development and use materials that stand the test of time in the washer and dryer, the extreme temperature changes from winter to summer and long hours in the sunlight. Quality means you may not have as many pieces in your wardrobe, but what you have will look great for years after your purchase.”—Leah Hundsness, OUT Incorporated

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