The Sneaky $8 Item Celebs Wear on the Red Carpet


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Here’s a little story for you: The other day, I was at the LIT-Works showroom (known for repping brands like Self-Portrait, Vatanika, and Saloni, to name a few), and as I was walking through one of the latest collections, I mentioned how cool the piece was… if I weren’t positive I’d sweat through it in a heartbeat. Enter LIT-Works account manager Christine Chang, who dropped some insider knowledge on me.

As she explained it, several stylists will sew shoulder pads into long-sleeve pieces in order to avoid pitting through a gown or top on the red carpet. Of course, as an account manager, Chang works with tons of celebrity stylists for award season, press tours, and more, so she is in tight communication with some of the biggest wardrobe makers. In other words, I trusted her. To further investigate this trick, though, I reached out to stylist Britt Theodora for her red carpet sweat-prevention insight.

“Shoulder pads or the cups that come inside the lining of a bathing suit top are a great last-minute way to add if a client is worried about underarm sweat showing and there isn’t enough time to run to a wardrobe supply store,” she explained to me. “The shape can easily fit under the armpit and you can always cut it down to be the right shape.”

Now that you’re aware of this sneaky trick, you might rethink tossing your unwanted cups of a swimsuit and instead save them to prevent future sweat stains. Stock up on the bizarre $8 item that will save you from a sweaty style mishap below, and shop some of our favorite long-sleeve dresses for fall at the end.

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