How to Pack Necklaces, No Detangling Required

1. Store Separately

This may go without saying, but the best way to keep your necklaces from tangling is to keep them apart. Fasten the clasps, and stash each individual necklace in its own Ziploc bag or use individual drawstring organza bags.

2. Cushion the Blow

No matter how you choose to pack your necklaces, be sure store them safely away from hard objects and the walls of your suitcase. Luggage is typically designed to be knocked around, but your favorite beads and pendants? Not so much.

3. Always Fasten Clasps

Even if your necklaces are stored separately, forgetting to clasp them can lead to disaster. Prevent knots and minimize tangling by always fastening the clasp and tying up loose ends.

4. Use a Straw

For thinner and more delicate necklace designs, a fantastic way to pack necklaces is to use individual straws. Simply wind a necklace through the straw; then latch it on the outside to prevent tangling or damage.

5. Recycle a Paper Towel Roll

For chunkier necklaces, or those with a less flexible shape, a paper towel roll is an easy solution for packing them up. Just like with the straw method, wind the necklace inside the roll, then latch it on the outside. One roll can be used for multiple necklaces. If you’re traveling with bracelets, using a napkin ring can offer a similar fix.

6. Use a Travel Jewelry Case

An obvious and cost-effective solution is to use a jewelry travel case. The best cases will include plenty of individual compartments to safely store your most beloved jewelry pieces, as well as snaps that can be conveniently used to pack necklaces of various sizes.

Now that you know how to pack necklaces like a pro, get them ready with these three tips on how to untangle necklaces.

This article was published at an earlier date and has been recently updated.